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Huitzilopotchli_Crashing into Earth.jpeg
Eye in space 2.JPG

Huitzilophchtli, 2021

2 channel video; color, sound; 10 minutes

Displayed at SMOCA


Work Statement

"In the immersive video installation Huitzilopochtli—named after the Mexica-Aztec god of war, sun, and human sacrifice—González presents an exploration of the expansive connection between humans, nature, and the cosmos in three sequences. Preparation of the mind and body, cleansing of the land and spirit, and healing of past traumas are central themes. In each sequence the artist performs as a celestial being who comes to earth as a conduit to the universe. González walks, cleans, and meditates in areas near the Arizona-Mexico border to reveal traumas imposed by humans on the land, animals, and other humans. Overall, the work is a metaphor for experiencing and healing the chasm created by disregarding the fragility of humanity and nature." -By Lauren O'Connell

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