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EnZeitraum, 2015
Video installation; video,glass, various objects
Displayed at UNI Gallery of Art

Work Statement:

Gonzalez’s exhibition titled EnZeitraum, is an immersive video installation that surrounds the viewer, creating a dream world suggestive of multiverses, time travel and memories. The images projected in the gallery space (UNI Gallery of Art in Cedar Falls, IA) were created in various locations using the artist’s body and other symbolic objects, which she then used to vitally alter the space through performative actions

"The memories I carry are fragmented images that lay on an intangible timeline. Spacetime holds a past, present, and future, all cohesively creating a fourth dimension. Within our own three dimensions, I have created a time machine of sorts; an attempt to bring various points in my life together in this space.  EnZeitraum is a visual experience that holds moments that at one point were a present time, now becoming a past, and creating a future that will eventually  become a past. This repetitive time cycle makes up our ever expanding universe, the Cosmos that we are all a part of, smaller fragments making up an entire galactic phenomenon." 

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